Why Should You Have A Dedicated IP Address?

Is Dedicated IP & Dedicated Server Same?

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In the era of internet and e-world, all we need is to strengthen our online presence to impact the world. We have learned about the significance of Dedicated Servers and the extent to which they can be useful to boost up your business. Just like them, there are a few benefits that dedicated IP address has to offer you.

IP or Internet Protocol is a numerical label assigned to each device that is connected to the network. It enables host interface identification and location addressing. Each computer possesses a unique address which enables to provide actual location of the machine or the website in the network. Whereas a dedicated Internet Protocol is a unique internet address which is dedicated exclusively to a single hosting account.

Usually, we encounter a situation when the analogy of Technology and technology confuses us. That’s the very difference between Dedicated IP Address and Dedicated Server. You can have a separate telephone line with another shared telephone. This separate line is your dedicated IP address and when you shift your business from home to a building solely for the purpose of business, that’s what we would be calling a dedicated server.

There are hundreds of websites with which you might have to share your IP making your website insecure and slow. To combat such future interference with the efficiency of your online world, dedicated IP address is used serving you in several another manner as:

1.    Easy & swift business identification
When you hold an e-commerce site dealing with customers making online transactions, you need to make the customers feel comfortable. A dedicated IP as address and SSL certificate is all you need to have

2.    More stable
A single IP for several websites on the web surely is a severe threat to your accurate location. A dedicated IP would in turn intensify your good image and will be unaffected by the malpractices.

3.    For easy usage of third party scripts & application
In some special cases, you necessarily need a dedicated IP address to run script or application.

4.    Beneficial for email sender’s image
Using a Dedicated IP address for emails, you can avoid getting blacklisted for spamming as it identifies your service from being affected by the consequences of abuse

5.    Access your site anytime anywhere
A dedicated IP provides you with an ability to access your server directly without changing DNS setting for the domain name so no to checking your site each time you are to point the domain name to a server and launching your site on the web.
To sum up it all in words you can understand, there are 4 major reasons why a dedicated IP is important besides having a Dedicated Server for the success of your site:
•    An individual needs to maintain a secure site via SSL certificate.
•    If your site has high traffic and needs to be dedicated resources to maintain performance.
•    You need to access your site via File Transfer Protocol on a regular basis.
•    You need to view your site via IP address.

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