What are the most effective link building methods in 2018?

Link building methods in 2018

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1. Internal Links

These are links that go from one page to another within the website. Internal linking is often ignored and is actually a great way to help people dig deeper into your site. For internal links, always look for a good keyword phrase on any of your any pages and link it to an inner page or homepage with more information so the user stays longer and explores the website further.

Benefits of internal linking:

It improves page authority and helps to pass link juice equally to other pages. Check page authority from PrePostSEO.

Helps to decrease the overall bounce rate of the website.

Smart internal linking improves overall crawl-ability and indexation of the website.

Improves older blog posts by sending some traffic and exposure.

Helps with keyword rankings if your page has relevant content and strategic internal links.

You can go to your site right now and find good keyword phrases where you can link relevant page content with some other content.

2. Local Business Citations

If you have a local business, then local link building is an ideal back-linking opportunity for you. You can get great links and you can draw additional traffic from the many people who routinely use local searches to find businesses near them.

Local Business Citations are key factors if you want to improve your positions in local search results. Local citations have the three terms named “NAP” i.e. Name, Address and Phone number.

While creating your local business citation, make sure to add the same address you feature on the website. These citation links are important for local rankings and help search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) to verify your business location.

3. Building Links from Trusted Sites

The internet has a ton of spam sites and Google has committed itself to weeding them out and only showing trusted sites within their search results pages.

Building links from trusted sites are one of the most important steps to establishing your site’s authority and elevating it to the top spot of search results. has backlinks from a trusted site, it tells search engines that they are an authority on that subject.

For instance, there are many websites and blogs that mention Wikipedia within their content. A mention from these websites to Wikipedia increases its backlink count and site authority. Search engines consider Wikipedia a highly relevant source and it shows up high within search engine results.

On the other hand, search engines also take into consideration links from spam my sites. These do not benefit websites and mark them as untrustworthy, leading to adverse effects on your search rankings.

Search engine algorithms do not provide recognition to a website that has links to sites that have nothing to do with their products or business. A car parts website doesn’t want a link on a cooking website. The two have no relation and will not get any benefit from the link.

Building too many links too quickly will be considered spam by search engines. If a business has too many poor links pointing to it, then the performance of that website will go down in results rather than moving up. Therefore, always pay attention to how you build your links.

4. Scoop it

Scoop.it | Research and publish the best content is a content curation website where users can select a favorite topic to curate, publish and share on any social networks they prefer.

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