Nitish Kumar resigns as Bihar CM

Lalu Yadav says Nitish has been accused of murder in 1991

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In a major development, Nitish Kumar on Wednesday tendered his resignation from the Bihar CM’s post. The big development comes after Tejashwi said that Nitish never asked him to resign from the post of Bihar’s Deputy CM post. Speaking on the big political development, Nitish said, “I tried to keep the Grand Alliance intact but can’t work in this atmosphere.” Also, Nitish said that I asked Lalu to cite information on the alleged corruption matter. “I even spoke to Rahul Gandhi,” Nitish added. Nitish has made it clear that he will not compromise on the issue of corruption.

Earlier, in the day, Tejashwi Yadav had claimed that CM Nitish Kumar never sought his resignation. Also, the Bihar Deputy CM claimed that Nitish Kumar wants RSS free India (Sangh mukt Bharat), according to ABP News. Moreover, talking to ANI, Tejashwi Yadav said,”Amit Shah had said he wants to see BJP in power in every state, so they are trying all means to break us.” “I was never asked to resign. It’s RSS-BJP which want to break the grand alliance, people can see through their conspiracy,” Tejashwi Yadav added. There were several media reports doing the rounds claiming that Nitish Kumar had asked Tejashwi to resign from the post of Bihar’s Deputy CM.

The CBI had registered a corruption case against Lalu, his wife Rabri Devi, son Tejashwi and former Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) Managing Director P K Goyal, and the wife of Lalu’s confidante Prem Chand Gupta, Sujata on allegations of awarding the tender for development, maintenance and operation of hotels in Ranchi and Puri in 2006. The CBI later questioned Rabri Devi and Tejashwi.


8:40 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav chairs a meeting attended by Rabri Devi, Tejashwi Yadav, Tej Pratap Yadav and other senior RJD leaders

8:38 PM: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das: corruption had made the country hollow, Kumar would get the support of the country in his fight against corruption.

8:37 PM: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das: On the way of corruption-free Bihar, it is a correct and brave decision on the part of Nitish Kumar. Congratulations to Shri Nitish Kumar.

8:36 PM: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das termed as “correct and brave” the resignation by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

8:35 PM: Sushil Modi: Will do what the party high command wants us to do.

8:33 PM: Devesh Thakur tells  NDTV that Nitish returning to the NDA fold can’t be ruled out.

8:31 PM: Supporters of Lalu Prasad Yadav raise slogans against the BJP outside the residence of the RJD Chief.

8:30 PM: Sushil Modi says Nitish Kumar has stepped down for a good cause.

8:29 PM: KC Tyagi of the JDU says There is no question of going back to Lalu Yadav and RJD.

8:27 PM: KC Tyagi of the JDU says  Nitish Kumar has a clean image, he won’t compromise on that.

8:25 PM: BJP’s JP Nadda says 3-member panel formed in Bihar to talk to BJP MLAs & report to leadership for final call

8:23 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav says that the grand alliance still exists, only the CM has resigned, the three parties which form the alliance should choose a new CM

8:21 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav’s supporters gather outside his residence in Patna, Bihar

8:20 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav: Nitish and BJP had been planning this move for a few months

8:19 PM: Sources to ANI: Nitish Kumar did not inform Rahul Gandhi about his intention to resign in their meeting

8:18 PM: Lalu Yadav says Nitish quit because of the murder case against him.

8:15 PM: Jayant Sinha says I congratulate Nitish Kumar for taking this step against corruption.

8:11 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav says Tejashwi is being targeted, insists on a new face for Bihar CM.

8:09 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav: Nitish Kumar and BJP had scripted this resignation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet is a proof of this scheming.

8:05 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav says the Chief Minister of an Indian state is involved in a murder case and arms act

8:03 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav: Name one hurdle that I created

8:01 PM: Randeep Surjewala: Nitish should respect the five-year mandate given by the people of Bihar

7:58 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav: RJD is the largest party in the Bihar assembly, I urge Nitish to let the assembly live its natural course.

7:55 PM: Union Minister JP Nadda after addressing the BJP Parliamentary Board meet has said that BJP welcomes battle against corruption in Bihar and the party is not in favor of mid-term elections

7:53 PM: Randeep Surjewala of the Congress says We are deeply disappointed by the news of Nitish Kumar’s resignation.

7:52 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav: Nitish in an affidavit has said that there are cases filed against him

7:51 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav: There are cases lodged against Nitish Kumar under Section 302, 307

7:49 PM:  Lalu Prasad Yadav questions Nitish Kumar asks, where did we go wrong?

7:47 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav: We informed the public through the media that the charges against are baseless

7:46 PM: Lalu Prasad Yadav: Nitish did not ask for resignation, but he said that explain the charges through the media

7:44 PM: Raghuvansh Prasad Singh: Resignation is not the solution

7:43 PM: Raghuvansh Prasad Singh: Will not let Bharatiya Janata Party form government in Bihar

7:43 PM: Raghuvansh Prasad Singh of the RJD says resignation is nothing but grandstanding by Nitish Kumar

7:41 PM: Raghuvansh Prasad Singh of the RJD says Nitish Kumar should  have taken all members of the alliance in confidence

7:38 PM: Raghuvansh Prasad Singh of the RJD says that the mahagatbandhan can still work

7:32 PM: We are not in favour of mid-term elections in Bihar, says Sushil Kumar Modi after Nitish Kumar’s resignation

7:30 PM: BJP’s Sushil Modi addresses the media in Patna

7:28 PM: We were not allowed to work independently, says KC Tyagi on Nitish Kumar’s resignation

7:26 PM: Lalu and his family were given adequate time to come out with plausible explanation for all the benami properties, says BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia

7:24 PM: The BJP Parliamentary board meeting is underway in Delhi. PM Modi & BJP President Amit Shah, among others are present.

nitish kumar resigns

7:22 PM:  Nitish-Lalu alliance was a mismatch. This had to happen, says Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Nitish Kumar’s resignation

7:16 PM:  Congratulate Nitish Ji on joining fight against corruption. 125 crore people welcome and support this honesty, tweets PM Modi

7:14 PM: If Nitish Kumar accepts outside support from BJP after he stepped down, then JDU+BJP will add up to 124, which is above the halfway mark in the Assembly

7:10 PM: Pm Narendra Modi says that 125 cr people are supporting Nitish Kumar’s step of stepping down from his post

7:08 PM: PM Narendra Modi congratulated Nitish Kumar for taking a strong step against corruption.

7:03 PM: Ravi Shankar Prasad while talking Nitish Kumar’s resignation said, this was bound to happen

7:02 PM: Before resigning, I had informed Laluji and Congress Bihar in-charge CP Joshi, said Nitish Kumar.

7:01 PM: Citing Mahatma Gandhi, Nitish Kumar said, Gandhiji always said needs can be met on the earth, but greed can never be fulfilled

nitish kumar resigns

7:00 PM: I am not blaming anyone, those who want to blame me are free to do so- Nitish Kumar

6: 58 PM: When I supported demonetization a lot of allegations were leveled against me- Nitish Kumar

nitish kumar resigns

6: 57 PM: While addressing the media after giving his resignation, he said, that the governor has accepted my resignation, and asked me to continue working till the next development.

6: 56 PM: While talking on Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav, he added, wanted to act on Tejashwi, but they weren’t ready to do so. Nitish Kumar went on to blame RJD chief Lalu Prasad for the current situation and said Lalu is responsible for the current situation

6: 55 PM: The JDU chief also said, The current situation is not conducive to work. He added, Did best to keep the alliance together.

6: 54 PM: I even spoke to Rahul Gandhi about the situation, says Nitish Kumar.

6: 53 PM: I even asked Lalu and his son Tejashwi to explain all the allegations

6: 52 PM: I tried to work as much for the people of Bihar, but it became impossible to work

6: 51 PM: I had no option but to quit as Chief Minister. I have never asked for resignation of anyone.- Nitish Kumar

6: 50 PM: I worked for Bihar interest, says Nitish Kumar

6:49 PM: Nitish Kumar says, won’t compromise on corruption

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