How to Restore Folders Turned into .exe

Restore files

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Its a virus/worm that infected you. This worm will duplicate all your folders and create an executable files with its name. The original folders will be hidden. To remove folders with .exe application follow these:

1. Install, update your antivirus application. I used Symantec and it found w32.sillyfdc
2. Delete all detected files. The .exe folder just removed. Now you need to do is show the original folders
3. Open File Manager
4. Go to top menu, Tools > Folder Options. Select View tab
5. Mark the “Show hidden files and folders.”
6. Go to Start > Run, type cmd at the OPEN: box, and press OK. This will show the DOS command prompt
7. Using My Computer, view the drive of hidden folders
8. Go to Command Prompt and type this to unhide all folders and files:
attrib e:\*.* /d /s -h -r -s

Where “e” is the drive where hidden folders resides

Badge 2 Answered on March 1, 2018.
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