Some tricky, puzzled, complex, critical questions developed in mind and the curiousness of getting the answer of them, encouraged two youth to develop a platform for answer of those questions. That’s how Nikhil Kumar and Raj Singh brought QUICKANSWER.IN into existence

QUICKANSWER.IN is a knowledge platform which allows everyone to both ask questions to be answered and answer questions asked by others. Users can contribute by editing other user’s answers as well. The points system is there to encourage users  and to limit spam questions. One can up-vote or down-vote answers to suggest edits to fetch out the best answer. By entering name and mail id one can become eligible to become a user or may also log in with their Google or Facebook accounts. Report Answer is another feature where users can report for all type of harassment, spam, factually incorrect articles, etc.

Overall it will be useful for all type of age groups, all types of professionals along with all types of unoccupied people.